Modeled by the artist.

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Jo Stewart Wray, the artist, makes these one-of-a-kind, wearable art, designer clothing, ranging from avant-garde to punky, Boho, lagenlook, and couture. She makes these darling designs with love entirely in the USA from vintage materials.

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Do you want to know a saucy, hot secret? This girl was raised in the Deep South surrounded by hot, hot temperatures and beautiful sunsets. The passion is in my blood. It’s gumbo mud on my boots or sand between my toes. It is why we love to play on the beach or load up the boat for fishing or don our camo for a hunting trip.

Wild Flower Heart has two passions-grit and glamour. We want both and sometimes at the same time. Fashion and fun is why I birthed Wild Flower Heart. It is high style adventures with a taste of “hello darling.”

One of our favorite materials to work with is pre-loved denim jeans. Take a look at our eco fashion style gallery to see the unique fashion items we offer, as well as accessories. Don't wait. Love your clothes today.

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What do we offer?

Our style here at The Wild Flower Heart is completely unique and original. Whether it's a necklace, a decorative piece, or a skirt - we offer creative and expressive items of all kinds for people of all walks of life. Shirts, blouses, pants, shorts, skirts, vests, necklaces, handbags, and countless other accessories are available, and we can help you create something unique for yourself as well. Don't wait to get in touch and find out what The Wild Flower Heart can offer you.

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Deep South Gold

Celebrate! Be entertained

Get a drink and a cozy seat and curl up with my latest book, Deep South Gold. It is a risqué, sprawling story that takes Jane from being a naive teenager to being a strong, sexy, adult woman, willing to do anything to protect her child. Through the erotic historical account, we bare witness to her child’s conception, childhood, and finally, adulthood all the while chasing Confederate gold.( Jane finds it in a tunnel near French Camp.) Deep South Gold is full of greed, insanity, voodoo,sex, love, and history. The setting is French Camp, Kilmichael, and New Orleans in the 1880s.

You can find it on Amazon or get it from me today