Terms & Conditions

Wild Flower Heart

P.O. Box 404

3355 Hwy 82

Kilmichael, MS 39747

Call 662-417-2651 for information.


We ship globally.

Wholesale Terms and Conditions

*Return Policy—Items must be returned within 10 business days for your money to be returned.

*Payment—we take Pay Pal at jwluv2001@yahoo.com as well as Square. (May call for additional options.)

*Late payment will cancel order.

*Orders will be made after ordering. You should receive them within 2-3 months or less plus shipping.

* Shipping within Continental US is free. Global shipping isn’t.

Wild Flower Heart welcomes association with passionate retailers whose business is financially capable of starting small and are planning to branch out into the full WFH line. We welcome all types of businesses in all locations. The Wild Flower Heart vision is one of beauty, love, and creativity. Retail opportunities are endless.

On the behalf of WFH, we thank you for your interest in our handmade, special, limited production, or one-of-a-kind art to wear. We look forward to embarking on our collaborative, creative adventure.

Attached is our policy. We require you to print and sign the PDF and mail it to us at

Wild Flower Heart

P.O. Box 404

Kilmichael, MS 39747

We prohibit our designs being sold on any types of auctions, Posh Mark, Ebay, Etsy, or any other internet auctions.

We prohibit selling WFH at discount to a third party.

Refund/Exchange Policy

Both the retailer and WFH have the right to terminate any Service Agreement for any reason. Any money that has been paid WFH for any UNUSED PRODUCT will be exchanged in store credit within two weeks from date of purchase. Exchanges or store credit may be granted by phone. Returns must be unworn and include original tags. No funds will be refunded under any circumstances.

Wholesale prices are 1/2 retail and retail prices must be the same as twice the wholesale. Wild Flower Heart

may never be sold at a discount.



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