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Developing Your Personal Style
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Developing Your Personal Style

Now that you have your mind on style, begin to notice everything around you: furniture, colors, clothing, arrangements of objects, patterns, fabrics, etc.

Study magazines, watch HGTV, view Instagram and Pinterest. Look at historic houses and decorated open houses for sale. Keep note of what you are drawn to and admire. Become aware of the fundamentals of line and design. Notice the designs of nature and what coordinates. For example, the colors of the southwest look better with cacti in terra cotta pots. Notice and evaluate objects in their relation to each other. Then rearrange these objects and take another look at them. How does the new arrangement make you feel?

Think of your home or your closet for that matter as one continuous thing. Keeping the entire home in the same style will enable you to mix and match from room to room. Having the same style of clothing in your closet will give you more pleasing outfit options. Go a little wild in expressing your personality with accessories or collections or your home will look like a motel/hotel room and not the historic kind.

By collecting photographs from magazines of things you love or developing your Pinterest boards, you will become an expert of things that will work in your home. Let your intuition be your guide and follow the rule : if you love it, it will work.

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