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The Cheapskate’s Guide to Decorating Style
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The Basics of Decorating with Style

The keys to decorating on a budget are creativity, organization, and style. Style refers to a certain look defined by specific characteristics or that you have personal style. It is the unique way your home is decorated and the pleasure you derive from it. A decorator with style can take any lodging and make it stunning. A person with decorating style knows what a room needs and isn’t afraid to bend or break the rules to achieve the look and mood she envisions.

While an unlimited budget can be overwhelming, your best decorating choices are appropriate to your family, are simple to do, and are beautiful. They feel right to you and do not have to be expensive.

Here are five general steps to take:

1. Decide on a general style that appeals to you and your personality.

2. Assess what you already have that fits the style that appeals to you.

3. Discard whatever doesn’t fit your particular style or vision for the room.

4. Get organized by starting a folder for each room. You could do this literally with paper folders or digitally on Pinterest with boards. Select whatever appeals to you and save it to your folders or in the case of Pinterest, your boards.

5. After you’ve spruced up, eliminated whatever doesn’t fit your vision, repurposed, and done it yourself, figure out exactly what you need that fits your budget

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