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Seven Hand Made Trims
Lucy Sweatshirt is dip dyed and hand trimmed. $90

Seven Hand Made Trims

1. Gathered Lace- Cut flat lace to be gathered 1 1/2 times the length of the garment’s edge that you are trimming with lace. Pull a heavy thread on the straight edge of the lace. Then stitch the gathered edge to the finished edge of the garment.

2. Sequins - Sequins come loose or presewn in strips or bands. Bands of sequins are slipstitched in place. Loose sequins are back stitched through the center eye of the sequin.

3. Hand Made Straight Fringe - Using coarse fabric, trim an edge on the straight grain line to the measured depth you want the fringe. Pull a thread. Sew just above the pulled thread. Continue to remove threads by pulling to line of stitching. Sew the fringe to the edge of your garment.

4. Tied Fringe - Cut a cardboard gauge the depth of the fringe you need. Wind yarn around the cardboard. Cut through several threads at the bottom edge of the cardboard. Using a crochet hook, insert the hook into the finished edge of the garment to be fringed and get the cut edges and pull through the garment. Pull cut ends through the loop and fasten. Repeat until your garment is fringed.

5. Beads - Beading is similar to sewing on sequins. Sew beads on in a straight line with a tiny needle and a backstitch through the eye of the bead. If you are beading in a cluster design, there is no need to tie off the thread end each time you move to a new cluster.

6. Sewing Machine Embroidery- Back the area to be embroidered with interfacing. Use the zigzag setting on your sewing machine and set the stitch to what you desire for the design, following the sewing machine’s manual directions. There are hundreds of embroidery and decorative stitching variations in length, width, and design.

Free form designs can be drawn on the fabric with chalk and sewn over

7. Cording- Cords are used as seam trim. Cut fabric in bias strips the width and length needed. Stretch the bias strips. Place a cord on the wrong side of the bias strip and fold the strip over the cord. Baste stitch next to the cord using the zipper foot. Then sew the cord into the seam.

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